The Start of T25!

Yesterday was DAY ONE of T25 for me! Yahoo!

My first thought when I was like two minutes into it? Um… this is so easy. There is no way I will get results from this.

My thoughts 4 minutes into it? Oh my gosh, this is insane! I’m actually going to get results in 25 minutes a day!

Yes! 25 minutes a day! Like, who doesn’t have 25 minutes? Everyone has 25 minutes. I burned so many calories and was dripping sweat and out of breath!

And the BEST part? This morning I was so sore! I had been doing Core de Force and wasn’t really too sore any more from that, since my body was getting used to the moves. I was not prepared for being so sore this morning. But it was a happy surprise.

Everyone I talk to about this program RAVES about it. So I am committing to T25 for 10 weeks (or maybe longer) and 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week. I cannot wait to see my results from this program!

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