Calories Burned During T25

This post will be updated daily as I work through the program, so keep checking back πŸ™‚

Week 1 Day 1: Cardio- 289 calories burned
Week 1 Day 2: Speed 1.0- 219 calories burned
Week 1 Day 3: Total Body Circuit- Β 206 calories burned
Week 1 Day 4: Ab Intervals- 141 calories burned
Week 1 Day 5: Lower Focus- 208 calories burned
Cardio- 237 calories burned

The Start of T25!

Yesterday was DAY ONE of T25 for me! Yahoo!

My first thought when I was like two minutes into it? Um… this is so easy. There is no way I will get results from this.

My thoughts 4 minutes into it? Oh my gosh, this is insane! I’m actually going to get results in 25 minutes a day!

Yes! 25 minutes a day! Like, who doesn’t have 25 minutes? Everyone has 25 minutes. I burned so many calories and was dripping sweat and out of breath!

And the BEST part? This morning I was so sore! I had been doing Core de Force and wasn’t really too sore any more from that, since my body was getting used to the moves. I was not prepared for being so sore this morning. But it was a happy surprise.

Everyone I talk to about this program RAVES about it. So I am committing to T25 for 10 weeks (or maybe longer) and 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week. I cannot wait to see my results from this program!


So I am officially FINISHED with CORE DE FORCE! Woo hoo! I have enjoyed this program so much. I always looked forward to it each day because it is just FUN. πŸ˜€

This program is only 30 days, which is awesome because sometimes the thought of committing to a 90 day program is a bit overwhelming. This is perfect because it’s short and effective.

I lost 12 pounds and 12.5 inches during the 30 days, including 3 inches from my waist and a whopping 4.5 from my hips! 😍I dropped a pants size as well! It feels so amazing to be getting healthy and getting closer to my goals. I am so excited to move onto another program, FOCUS T25 starting today.

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Core De Force- MY LAST WEEK!

Hey guys! So last Thursday, I had my top two wisdom teeth taken out. Ouch! Needless to say, I couldn’t do any intense workout for a few days. So yesterday (Monday) was my first day back at it. So I didn’t quite finish Core de Force on time, but I am on track to finish it on Friday. I’m so excited. I have taken a few photos comparing my progress from the beginning of the program and the results are amazing. I simply cannot wait to take my official after pictures and measurements on Friday and share them with all of you!

Be sure to check out my calories burned post if you are interested in how many calories I burned doing each workout with my Fitbit Charge HR.(affiliate link) I cannot express how much I love my Fitbit. I feel completely naked without it.

My picture at the top of the post is one my husband snapped of me and my daughter on Sunday morning. I still have a little puffy cheeks going on from my surgery, but I see such a difference in my body. I’m so happy.

My husband is going to do a second round of Core De Force. He loves it that much, and has seen such amazing results. I would love to do a second round, but my goal as a Beachbody coach is to really do every single workout program Beachbody has to offer. So I am pretty sure I’m moving on to 22 Minute Hard Corps next. Not definite. But, I’m leaning towards that one. Who wouldn’t love getting their workout done in only 22 MINUTES!? Nuts, right? Right. I gotta give that one a try. And of course I’ll be blogging my way through it again.

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