Getting Over a Weight Loss Plateau: Getting the Scale Finally Moving Again!

Well guys, I have been trying to lose weight since my baby was born… 18 months ago. I hadn’t lost anything other than the 8 or so pounds immediately after he was born. I was breastfeeding him and expected the weight to fall off.  It didn’t.  I am still breastfeeding him and I heard that some people just hang on to the weight when they nurse. But still, it’s frustrating. But I had not been good about my eating. Or exercising. So why should I expect to lose any weight really, right?

So as I posted, I joined the YMCA at the end of February and ever since I have been going 4+ times a week! I have exercised SO much in the past few months and feel so proud. My fitness level has gone up tremendously. I went from literally never exercising to doing it every day! Surely I would lose weight then right? Wrong. I still wasn’t losing anything. Almost two months later and not even a pound lost. But guess what? My eating was still awful. I just didn’t care what I put into my body. But here is what I was thinking. If I’m eating roughly the same, but exercising more, it only makes sense that I should lose weight. But I still didn’t lose anything.

The past two weeks I have been really careful about my eating. I have not been super strict with staying within my calories, which I need to do, but I have been eating much less, and much healthier. I have been drinking more water. And guess what is happening? The scale is MOVING. I am finally losing weight!! The past two weeks shows a loss of about 6 pounds and my pants are starting to fall off. Just that little tip of the scale is giving me even more motivation to keep going.

Before I would get discouraged and want to give up. But then I thought, even if I’m not losing anything now, and I give up, what will happen? I won’t lose weight, that’s for sure. And I’ll probably go back up. But if I just continue and try harder then eventually I’m bound to lose some.

So here is what I’ve learned. Just don’t give up! Keep trying, keep going. Nothing will change if you don’t.

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Review

A few years back, I was using the Polar FT4 heart rate monitor and loved it! I loved it all the way up until the battery died. Then you have to send it into the manufacturer for them to replace the battery. That is such a hassle. So I tried to pry the back open by myself without the tool, which ended up basically just ruining the device. Then I started using the body media fit, which I also loved, but didn’t love the monthly subscription fee.

A few months ago I bought the Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor (affiliate link). You can change the battery to this one by yourself. I have to say that this is by far my favorite way to track my calories and heart rate during a workout. The body media I felt did a great job tracking the calories I burned, but it didn’t tell me my heart rate. I’m a very visual person, so I absolutely love seeing all the data that the Polar FT7 gives me.

It’s important to me to see what my heart rate is during a workout to make sure it is not too high. It’s also nice to see my heart rate improve over time with all the cardio I do. The Polar FT7 seems to be very accurate (as accurate as these devices can be) with estimating my calories burned during an activity. I can review the data from my previous workout sessions and actually see how much of that workout was fat burn and how much of that was fitness. I can view my average heart rate during the activity as well as the maximum heart rate.

The Polar FT7 also has a backlight on the watch which is so helpful in low light or when I’m in a class like cycling with the lights off. The chest strap is very comfortable and once it is strapped onto my chest I never notice it at all until I take it off. I’ve been wearing the watch part of the heart rate monitor every day since I got it just as a watch. It’s not too bulky and I enjoy wearing it.

Overall, I am so pleased with my purchase. It is definitely, so far, my favorite workout accessory/tool.