Two Months of Working Out Regularly

So we rejoined the YMCA and I started going at the beginning of March. I am happy to say that I have gone at least 4 times a week since we have joined. Here we are at the end of April so that makes two months of actually going to the gym and working out on a regular basis!

I have had so much fun. I have taken so many classes like Zumba, KettleworX, Step (which is my FAVORITE!), and Piloxing and many more. I’ve tried almost every class! I finished the YChange program and signed up for a second round.

The disappointing part. I’ve only lost 2 pounds. It’s a little discouraging but I know what the problem is. Although my exercise has been great, my eating has sucked. Really bad. And I don’t drink enough water. So I absolutely know that’s where I need to make changes.

It’s so hard. Exercising is easy. Food is hard. It’s hard to break the bad habits. Night time is when I really struggle. After the kids have been bugging me all day long it’s hard to care about what I eat. I won’t see results unless I buckle down though. So the past three days I have been on track and logging my food with MyFitnessPal and staying under my goal. And I really want to start ChaLean Extreme again on Monday. I’ve been doing lots of cardio at the gym but not so much weights.  Weights are a little intimidating for me at the gym. Everyone in the weight room is so professional and knows exactly what to do. I want to lift weights so I’m hoping to start ChaLean Extreme on Monday and at least do the lifting days. I get plenty of cardio at the YMCA, as well as abs.

So, after months and months and months of not being able to stick to anything, I have finally found something I was able to stick to… the YMCA. My kids love to go. They get play time and exercise. We go as a family. It’s so awesome. So my new challenge is to eat better, drink more water, and start ChaLean Extreme so I can finally be comfortable lifting weights.