Is It Worth It to Join the YMCA?

I just cannot do it. I have tried so many times and failed. Working out at home with the three little kids is just not working out. They bug me nonstop when I’m trying to work out, and they need me constantly. The little one crawls all over me and the older ones yell or fight. I can’t do it. Sure, I can do it at nap time. But we homeschool and nap time is school time. If I do work out while they are awake I end up being so overly stressed that it’s not an enjoyable experience. I get so stressed out doing the very thing that is supposed to help me destress. Working out is supposed to be my “me” time. It just hasn’t been. It’s been miserable. I am miserable trying to do it at home.

So two weeks ago we re-joined the YMCA. We were members from like 2010 until last summer. I gotta tell you, we honestly only went a few times a year, other than in the summer time. We used the outside pool all the time in the summer. But actually GOING to the YMCA to workout on a regular basis? We didn’t do that. The kids would fuss about going in the stay and play and so I just never took them. What a waste of money, right? But now… now it is so wonderful. We have gone every day for the past two weeks and I don’t see how I could ever do without it ever again.

They watch my kids for me for TWO HOURS a day while I exercise! I get to take fun classes or run on the treadmill, or even just WALK on the treadmill and watch Netflix if that’s all I’m feeling. And they do FUN things with the kids. They don’t just let them play in a playroom. They do crafts and games with them. And at certain times during the day, they take the kids for group exercises. They have not had to come get me even one time because a kid was crying or needed me. The kids are always happy when I pick them up and don’t even want to leave. They look forward to going every day!

So now I’m getting plenty of exercise every day. I’m not really doing any program yet, just taking a class or so a day and I’m doing Couch to 5k. I’m on the last day of week 2. And I signed up for the Y-Change program, which starts tomorrow morning. I’m excited to see what that will be like.

I’m so happy to get some exercise and some peaceful time for myself. I’m so happy the KIDS are happy and they get play time and interaction with other kids AND exercise. We have a great schedule going. We wake up, eat breakfast, get dressed, go to the Y, come home and it’s lunch time! Then naps for the littles, school time for the bigger little, then we can all play together or go to the park until dinner. It’s been great.

I also ordered a NEW heart rate monitor. I ordered this one because with my Polar FT4, I could not change the batteries myself. I can change the batteries myself in this one. It was supposed to arrive today by 8:00 p.m. and it is not here yet. I was really hoping to use it tomorrow. I’m sure it’ll come tomorrow and I will let you all know how much I love it!


It’s so pretty, isn’t it? I got blue and lilac because I really wanted something that wasn’t too flashy or girl, or draw too much attention to myself.

I hope you all are doing well!