How to make Homemade Yogurt! It’s so EASY!

Guys, I found a new obsession! Making Homemade Yogurt! It simply could not be easier! And wow, it is so yummy. I use a whole gallon of milk because we eat a lot of yogurt. I take a whole gallon of milk and pour it into a very large thick bottomed pot. I attach a candy thermometer to the pot so that I can keep track of the temperature. I put the pot on the stove and turn the burner to medium heat. The very first time I tried to make the yogurt, I turned it on high heat and my milk burned and it was awful! Medium heat is best! I stir constantly, slowly, until the milk heats to 180 degrees. Then I remove from heat and let the milk cool to 115 degrees. Then take about 1/2 cup of PLAIN yogurt in a bowl. Whisk in about 1/2 cup of the cooled milk into the 1/2 cup of yogurt until it is mixed in. Then mix that yogurt/milk mixture into the big pot of cooled milk. Stir it in really well. Then put the lid on the pot and put it in the oven. The oven should not be turned on, but turn on the oven light for a bit of added heat. Then leave the pot alone for 8-12 hours. I usually leave it overnight. After 8-12 hours take it out of the oven. Ta-da! Yogurt. It will probably be very runny. I then use a cheesecloth to strain it over a bowl for a few hours in the refrigerator until it is a thick consistency that I will like. If you strain it too long, just stir in some of the whey that strained out. So easy!

What do you do if you miss a workout?

What do you all do if you miss a workout? I used to always start my workout routines on a Monday and aim for one rest day a week on Sunday. Well, what would happen every time is that I would start my workout routine and then somehow miss a day and then say, “oh I’ll just call that my rest day.” but then something else would come up later that week. So I would get so “off-track” that I would think I messed up everything and start all over again. But then starting and restarting gets old so then I would just give up! I’m so over it. I’m no longer going to do that. From now on, I’m picking a program, doing each workout on the next day that I can and moving on to the next workout no matter which day it happens to be. With three little kids and a husband that works insane hours and homeschooling and taking care of the house and taking the kids to church events several days a week and etc… it is not going to be possible for me to keep up with that Monday-Saturday workout strictly and have that Sunday rest day every week. I WILL strive to stick to the workouts as laid out, but I will no longer miss two workouts a week and call it quits or restart. I will simply move on the next day I am able to. What do you all do?

Burn Circuit 2: Day 3 of ChaLEAN Extreme

Yesterday was my rest day. I had intended on doing something but it was Sunday. We had morning and evening church and it was just not happening. But today I did do Burn Circuit 2. Wow that is quite the workout. I overestimated which weights to use. I think next time I might need to go a little lighter. Which is funny because on Burn Circuit 1, I underestimated and next time will need to go heavier. I wanted to add in some cardio but have not had time. I am proud that I got my scheduled workout in! Yay! I’m making progress!

ChaLean Extreme: Day 1

Today I did Day 1 of ChaLEAN Extreme DVD Workout It was Burn Circuit 1 for me today. The workout feels so good. I’m so used to doing just cardio or light weights. Lifting heavy weights is something totally new to me. It felt amazing! It burns but it feels good. I love my adjustable weights. I don’t think I could do the program without them. I took before pictures but who knows if I’ll ever post them. I logged my starting weight and I’m feeling positive about this. I’m going to add in more cardio, or else I am HOPING to add in more cardio. It has been such a struggle for me to find the time/energy to exercise this past year. It’s been pathetic but my baby will be ONE next week. One. It’s been a whole year since I had my baby and I have to get back on track. My baby is still not sleeping through the night and I also have two other kids that wake up before the sun comes up. It’s hard. I got my husband to do the workout as well and he said he would like to continue. Here are the weights that I use: They were cheaper than most of the adjustable weights that I could find that went up to 25 pounds. I bought two. I love them! Tomorrow is a rest day but my goal is to do at least 30 minutes of cardio.