Yes! Working out during pregnancy!

I’m so excited to say that I have been successful at working out during pregnancy (even if I’ve been failing at blogging about it)! This is exciting news yall. I feel so much better now that I have exercise back in my life!

I cannot tell yall enough how great it has been to start exercising again. I feel so much less stressed, so much more energetic, and just all around healthier. I love having my BodyMediaFit!

Using my BodyMedia Fit during pregnancy really shows me how much I’m moving and how much I’m consuming and I find that I need to be careful that I eat MORE now that I’m pregnant and that I am not too much in a calorie deficit. Before I was using my BodyMedia to LOSE weight. Now I am using it to make sure I’m moving and exercising, but that I’m also giving my body adequate nutrition and not restricting my intake. I love it guys. LOVE it!

Please comment on this post if you have successfully exercised during your pregnancy. How much did you end up gaining throughout the whole pregnancy? Was the weight easy to lose afterward?