TurboFire Week 1 Review

I finished the first week of TurboFire! Yay! It was amazing! I lost three pounds, which is amazing for me. All of the workouts I did were very intense but I never felt like stopping. I basically smiled the entire workout every day. Chalene makes working out so much fun.

I was very concerned about not being able to keep up but that was not an issue at all. I could keep up the whole time without feeling worn out. I was also worried about the choreography. I don’t consider myself very coordinated and I’m not good at learning routines or dances. But I have caught on so quickly! Chalene starts with one move and then adds one move on to that. Then you do that a few times then she will add on another move, and so on. It is brilliant, and makes routines so easy to learn!

Three pounds! Wow! I weighed in Monday at 154! That is one pound lower than I was when I met my husband. I have said before that 155 was my first official goal. And I’m there! I can only imagine where the next 3 months with TurboFire will take me! I just know it will get results. I can already tell a difference in the way I look, but so far it is not a difference that I think anyone else would notice.

Also, an update on my BodyMedia FIT! Since using my BodyMedia a month ago, I have lost ELEVEN POUNDS! WHOA! And that is after I had a serious weight loss plateau and hadn’t lost any weight in over a month. So this is big. I am so impressed. It pushes me every day to burn more calories, to take more steps, and just to be more active in general!

I’m on my rest day (Wednesday) of week 2 of TurboFire. Ready to hit it hard tomorrow!

How are you all doing?