My 100th post! And TURBOFIRE Day 1!

Wow! Today marks my 100th post! Pretty awesome!

You know what’s even more awesome? Today I did my official weigh in for the start of TurboFire and I weighed in at 157. Wow! I’m super excited about this. When I met my husband, as I said before, I was 155, and I felt pretty good about myself then. My body is different now than it was then, though. Having two kids will do that to you. Plus gaining all that weight and coming back down to a healthier weight makes my body look different than it did before too. That is okay with me though. I just want to be healthy. I don’t need my body to look any certain way really.

I am doing the 5 day Inferno schedule for TurboFire for my first week. So today was Fire 55 and Stretch 10. I was so impressed with Fire 55! Wow! The music was so bumpin and the moves were so fun. It hardly felt like working out at all! Although, my sweat and calorie burn would say otherwise! I was pouring sweat and burned 493 calories during Fire 55! Wow! I love that. I love TurboFire. I can’t wait to do tomorrow’s workout.

The Best Cheap Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

I ordered a new arm strap thing for my phone for when I’m running. It’s pink. It’s cute. I love it! I’m getting so pumped up to run this 5k in May. I really wanted to get some good accessories that will make it an even more enjoyable experience. We already have one armband, but we needed another since my husband and I obviously can’t both wear it at the same time.  I got it on eBay for like $3.50 with free shipping. So if you are looking for a cool armband for your phone, LOOK ON EBAY!!!

We also only have one good pair of headphones. I hate earbuds. Hate them. My husband has this really awesome pair of headphones but, again, we can’t both wear them at the same time. And it’s really yucky to try to use them after he has worn them on a run. #GROSS We needed another pair! But I really hate the wires on my husband’s pair. They are annoying and get in the way. I wanted a pair of wireless headphones. I started looking but wow were they expensive. Then I came across this pair and bought them! Less than $30 bucks. SCORE!

They arrived today and I charged them up and tried them out. What in the world?! How have I worked out without these things? The sound quality is awesome, the volume is super loud (which I like). I can control the volume on the headphones, I can skip ahead or back a song and pause with these things. I really cannot get over how amazing they are and how lame I feel for not knowing about them before.

Today was a family day at the children’s museum. I went a little over my calories and didn’t exercise. I’m not beating myself up about it. I’ve been good for weeks now. Tomorrow I will be more active and stick to my calories. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

TurboFire Challenge!

I think this will be my last week on Body Revolution, Round 2! I know it’s only week 11. I saw on Facebook that TurboFire will be doing a Smokin’ Hot In 90 Days Challenge and I really want to join this! EVERYONE gets a free TurboFire water bottle just for entering. You have to submit your days 1, 30, 60, and 90 pictures in order to receive the water bottle. Then I don’t know how they will determine a winner from the challenge or what the criteria is for winning but the winner gets I think $200 worth of workout apparel. It sounds like fun to me since I was planning on starting TurboFire in 2 weeks anyway. I really feel like this challenge will motivate me and keep me on track!

The challenge starts now but we have until Tuesday to submit our day 1 photo and actually begin. So I will finish out week 11 of Body Revolution and start TurboFire on Monday. I was thinking about still doing some of the strength day workouts but I really don’t know if I will have time. You know how busy kids make a mama.

Yesterday I did not get a workout in. We had family day and went to the children’s museum. It’s always a fun time! My kids love it. Then we had dinner at Panera. It was my very first time ever eating there. I know. That’s crazy, right? Hasn’t everyone eaten there? But oh my it was so good. I stayed within my calorie goal all day and even though I didn’t have an official workout, I still met my exercise “goals” on my BodyMedia FIT. I stayed up late with my husband who was doing a research paper for school while we caught up on American Idol. It was around 11:00 and I needed to fold clothes desperately so I didn’t do an official workout but on every commercial break I stood up and jogged in place. I was able to burn 10 calories a minute by doing that. If we all did that during every commercial break it could make a big difference!

I also got not just one, but TWO new wraps yesterday to wear my baby! I’m super happy right now. Today is Wednesday, church day, but I am going to double up on my workouts beforehand during my daughter’s naptime. Today I will be doing Workout 12 and Cardio 3. I did workout 11 on Monday and I had forgotten how much I hate that workout. It’s brutal.

And I’ll leave you with some pictures…

One of my new wraps…

Yes, pictures in the bathroom. We’re just cool like that.

My Weekend. Guess how many calories you can burn at a concert…

Yesterday was indeed a snow day! Look at my kiddos in the snow!

It was kind of a wet, yucky snow though. We played for a bit but not too long! I also did Body Revolution Cardio 3. Officially done with week 10.

Today was awesome. Great morning at church with the family and then we went to my mom’s. I was certain I wouldn’t get a workout in today because my husband and I and my nephew were going to a concert tonight. But then I ended up doing the 30 Day Shred with my mom! Score!

The concert was in Norfolk, so about 30 minutes away. It was Winter Jam a big 4 hour long concert with some amazing Christian musicians. We got there early but apparently not early enough. The doors didn’t even open for an hour and the line to get in was humongous. Seriously, I have never in my life seen so many people. Ever. It was crazy. So we were in this crazy long line that was wrapped all the way around the block in the freezing cold. Freezing. Cold.

There were so many people my husband was sure we wouldn’t get in. But we did get in! But it was so packed there were no more seats left. So we had to stand all the way in the back on the bottom level. It turned out to be the best spot though. We were against the wall and could see everything and I had plenty of room around me, while all the people in seats were kind of squished together.

I jumped the WHOLE TIME. Seriously. It was so much fun I just danced and jumped and moved.

That’s Jason Castro right there. I love his music. He was on American Idol from the first season I started watching it. I got his cd tonight and it is so awesome.

It was so fun. So fun.

When I first got there I looked at my BodyMedia FIT app and I had burned around 2000 calories for the day so far. By the time I got home and looked at my app again, I had burned…

3536 calories! What?! Yep. I burned like 1500 calories at this concert. How awesome is that? It didn’t feel like a workout I was just having fun. I wish I could do a concert workout everyday. But you can! I can! We can just turn on the music we love and jump and dance and have fun and burn some calories. I’m definitely going to do that more often. Look at the steps I took today. 23,179!!! WHOA!

And please ignore the calories consumed. The app hadn’t updated my food total yet. I actually ate wayyyy more calories than that.

Body Revolution Workout 10, End of week 10!

Yesterday was my last day of Body Revolution Workout 10. By the end of it I was sweating so much. Mostly my arms.  My arms were dripping sweat. What a great workout! My BodyMedia FIT says I burned 174 calories, which is better than the last time I did it.

Check out my yummy breakfast. A banana and half a toasted English muffin topped with edamame hummus and an egg with cherry tomatoes and spinach. Ugh it was SO GOOD and the whole breakfast was just over 300 calories. Did I mention how GOOD it was? I have an obsession with hummus. It’s serious. The other day at trader joe’s I picked up some edamame hummus and omg. It was almost better than chickpea hummus. Almost.

I had an AWESOME day yesterday. I burned a ton of calories just from moving more. The kids and I went to Farm Fresh and Walmart to get a few things. I needed avocados and had to buy some edamames to make hummus… you know, cause the container I bought the other day from Trader Joe’s mysteriously disappeared… already…

Then after the kids nap we went on an hour long walk outside in the beautiful WARM winter weather! It was such a gorgeous day. As usual, I wore my littlest on my back in my mei tai (I usually use my woven wrap but wanted to mix it up a bit), and I pushed my oldest in the stroller. My son (3 years old) loved pointing out all of the fire hydrants that we saw along the way. He also tried to identify some of the trees by their leaves.

Here is me and my little sweet girl.

And all three of us on our walk.

 So that was yesterday. Today I will be doing Cardio 3 and then I will be officially DONE with Week 10 of Body Revolution Round 2! Woo hoo! Three weeks left. And I’m struggling with whether or not to actually finish out all three weeks. I’m itching to start ChaLEAN Extreme or TurboFire. But I really want to finish this out. We will see. I will at least finish out week 12. I might not do the last week (week 13). What do you all think?

Hope you all have a great weekend! It’s supposed to SNOW here today! I love snow so I don’t mind, but I sure hope this is the last snow of the season. I’m ready for SPRING!


Last time doing Workout 9 of Body Revolution.

I cannot believe I’m finishing up week 10 of Body Revolution, Round 2! I have workout 10 tomorrow and Cardio 3 on Saturday and then I’m on to the last two workouts of the whole program. Wow! Before, I could never stick with anything. Now I have (almost) done Body Revolution TWICE! It is such an awesome feeling to stick with something.

Since Body Revolution Round 2 is coming to an end, it’s time to decide which program I will do next. I have ordered ChaLEAN Extreme and TurboFire. ChaLEAN Extreme is already here, TurboFire should arrive next week. I also ordered some snazzy adjustable dumbbells to use with ChaLEAN Extreme. But which program should I start first? I know some people are doing a hybrid of both programs. Should I do that? Or one at a time? Sigh. I’m terrible with decisions. Any input from my readers would be amazing! Please!

Today we went to lunch at Whole Foods and then went to the aquarium. We had a great time and burned some calories walking around. Today was Valentine’s Day and I’m happy to report that the only chocolate I had today was 2 small pieces of Trader Joe’s dark chocolate honey mints. Yum! I’m impressed with myself.

I did Cardio 3 and Workout 9 when we got home. Yesterday was Wednesday and I’m usually so busy with church on that day that workouts don’t always happen. So I doubled up today.

Tomorrow should be a nice day at home with the kids. I am planning on taking them on a walk in the morning and then doing some cleaning in the afternoon.

I hope you all had an amazing Valentine’s Day!

Check out some of my pics from the aquarium!

Walking at the Zoo, Before and After shots of my BodyMedia FIT

As promised, here is a little snapshot of my app before I walked into the zoo. I had burned 1076 calories so far that day and taken 1412 steps.

An hour and a half later, I had burned 1443 calories and taken 5788 steps!

I really LOVE LOVE LOVE my BodyMedia FIT! It is so cool to me to be able to see my calories burned throughout the day in real time. It really motivates me to move more!

Quick pictures of my Body Media Fit

I wanted to post a few quick pictures of my BodyMedia FIT! Here is a little snapshot of my app so far this morning. As you can see, I’ve only burned 874 calories so far and it’s already 11:03 a.m.. I have figured out that I definitely don’t move as much as I thought I did before. I’m actually pretty sedentary when I’m just home with the kids. In order to meet my calorie goal burned for the day I need to move more. So I have decided to add some more walking to my day. We are going to go to the zoo after lunch today and I will post another before and after snapshot of my zoo walking.

So here is a picture of my left arm. I am wearing my BodyMedia FIT under my shirt on my left arm. You can see it but it is not overly noticeable. I tried on a short sleeved shirt the other day and you can definitely see it. I just don’t care though, although I’m sure some people would care.

And here is a picture of the BodyMedia FIT on my arm. Excuse my arm fat. I think it is supposed to be a bit looser than it is, but every time I make it a bit looser, it slips off, so I keep it a tad tighter. It doesn’t bother me at all. I will do my before and after zoo snapshots of my app later!

Body Revolution Workout 9, First time with BodyMedia Fit

Today I did Body Revolution Workout 9 and tracked my calories burned with my BodyMedia Fit. Wow. According to that, I only burned 131 calories. If that is true then I have been so overcalculating calories! I absolutely am not burning as many calories throughout the day as I thought I have been. It is no wonder I haven’t been losing weight. This will really be a challenge but I feel good that I know now. I feel like my BodyMedia Fit is giving me the information that I need to go forward.

Are any of you watching the Biggest Loser? I’ve never watched it before this season. I know that the way they are losing weight isn’t all that healthy or realistic. I’ve read lots of stuff online that sounds scary like they workout for hours, eat very little, and dehydrate themselves for weigh ins. I have no clue how much of that is true, but I hate seeing them so disappointed when they “only lose 6 pounds” in a week. One week, one of the contestants lost 21 pounds! What?!

My favorite contestant on the Biggest Loser is Danni. She’s so strong and motivated. I love her. Plus she’s gorgeous. I was so nervous tonight that she might be in danger of elimination but whew. She was safe.

Who is your favorite contestant on the Biggest Loser?

First Day with BodyMedia Fit and LAST Day of Week 9, Body Revolution

My BodyMedia Fit Link arrived yesterday when I was in the middle of my workout. I didn’t get a chance to set it up until after my husband and I were ready for bed. But I figured it out and got it all set up and charged! But we were in our hotel in Va Beach and I had left the actual strap part to the BodyMedia Fit in the car. So I didn’t get to try it out until this morning.

When I first put it on, we went for a walk on the beach and it accurately tracked my steps taken (I counted for a few hundred steps, I’m lame). We walked around the mall a bit later and the calories burned seemed accurate.

For my workout today, I did Body Revolution Cardio 3 and my 2 usual YouTube workouts. So for a few months my heart rate monitor has been dead so I haven’t been able to use that, so I’ve just been using my previous calorie burn info from myfitnesspal for my Body Revolution workouts (MFP saves it so when you enter in the exercise the calorie burn is saved). Last time I did Cardio 3 with my heart rate monitor I burned 312 calories. My BodyMedia Fit said I burned 221 calories. I think that is probably very correct. The last time I did Cardio 3 with my hrm I was about 10-12 pounds heavier.

I’m so impressed with this gadget. I am already SO SO motivated to move more, to take more steps, to be more active. I totally see how I am not losing weight as much any more. I have not been burning NEARLY as many calories as I thought I have. Especially on days where my kids exhaust me and I just sit in the playroom and watch them play for a lot of the day.

I will update more on the BodyMedia Fit. But my initial impression is that it will be a very useful tool!

P.S. me and my husband had an amazing overnight stay in Va Beach. We had some yummy Chinese food and drank coffee on our balcony overlooking the ocean. It was perfect! Hope you all had a fantastic day!