Rest Day and my Birthday Party!

Today is Sunday, which means REST DAY!! It was also my birthday party with family! Actually my father and I had a joint party since our birthdays are a week apart. We ate sweet potato fries with mango sauce to dip them, shrimp tacos, and german chocolate cake. It was amazing. I didn’t feel like I ate too much but it was my birthday party after all. So I feel no guilt for eating a big slice. Back at it tomorrow!

So tomorrow will start week 8 of Body Revolution Round 2.  I’m excited and ready to kick this week’s butt and head in to phase 3! Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Body Revolution Round 2!

Last year, I finished Jillian Michaels Body Revolution and lost 23 pounds! Last month, I started Body Revolution Round TWO! I was so excited to start again. I wanted to begin blogging my journey right away. But I was also hesitant because I didn’t want to give up and then look silly on the blog.

So Monday I will officially start week 8 of Round 2. I’m so excited to have come this far! I lost 7 pounds in Phase 1 this time. For Phase 2 so far, I have lost 1 pound. Yep. But I’m not concerned at all. I am just gonna keep going and I’m sure I will lose some more! I had a few days last week where I totally went over my calories and haven’t quite recovered from that yet.

I am so close to my goals now, it is so exciting! I have about 20 more pounds to lose to not be overweight any more. I am hoping to lose that by the start of summer! I also have plans for AFTER this round of Body Revolution. I am going to order TurboFire next! It looks like a lot of fun. I would love to try Chalean Extreme too but I need heavier weights.

Also, my hubby said that when we get taxes back I can buy a BodyMedia Fit! I know that will really help me shed these pounds! Anyone out there doing Body Revolution? Drop me a line and tell me how it’s going! Remember this: REFUSE TO FAIL! That’s my motto. You got this.

In other news, we had SNOW this weekend! Check out me and my sweet girl in the snow!