Insanity Week 2 results.

I finished week 2 the other day and I have lost 2 more pounds. I’m also down a jean size! When I finished Body Revolution I just started fitting into size 14s. Well now those 14s are too loose. They just fall off me. So I tried on size 12 jeans the other day, just one brand and they FIT! I am so amazed. I never thought I would be a size 12 again but I am! So, so far with Insanity I am down 3 pounds and a jean size. I would say that the results so far are excellent. I’m so excited to see wht weeks 3 and 4 have to bring.

Insanity- Cardio Recovery

So today I was kind of exhausted and not really looking forward to doing my Insanity workout. I worked hard around the house all day and took both of my kids (a 1 year old and 2 year old) grocery shopping by myself. That’s exhausting. Seriously. Every single time I go shopping with them by myself I swear that I will NEVER do it again. Then the next grocery day comes along and we need food and, well, I do it alone again. Anyway. I wear one kid on my back and push the other in the shopping cart, so it is a workout in itself. I cleaned out the fridge today and did three loads of laundry. I cleaned out my son’s drawers and organized clothes that were given to us. Then bath time. Oh bath time. Another lovely workout there.

So my glamorous day as a stay at home mom left me exhausted.  The thought of doing Cardio Power and Resistance tonight made me want to cry. But then I looked at my little calendar and guess what? It was NOT Cardio Power and Resistance. No. Tonight was actually Cardio Recovery! Woot woot! What a pleasant surprise! I pushed through that like a champ.

The first time I did Cardio Recovery I thought it was really hard. It’s definitely slower than the other workouts, but still definitely a WORKOUT. It just hurts. You go into deep squats and lunges and you just hold the pose for what seems like an eternity and thennnnn you PULSE IT. Ouch. Hurts. But tonight it wasn’t as bad. Still burned but burning is good.

Tomorrow I am hopefully going to the zoo with my mama and kids. Hopefully. They are calling for some rain. I always burn a ton of calories walking around the zoo so I would really love for the rain to just hold off while we are there.

I’m pretty excited for my weigh in on Monday. I think this week has been really great. I am really loving Insanity! I honestly don’t think I would be able to do it at all if I hadn’t started with Body Revolution first.

How are y’all doing on your fitness journeys?

Insanity- Week 1- DONE!

I officially completed my first week of Insanity on Sunday! YEAH! I can’t believe I did it. My weigh in was yesterday and during the first week of Insanity I lost 1 pound. I was really hoping to lose more, but it is what it is. My clothes feel a bit looser, so that is more important! Yesterday was my rest day and I’m starting Week 2 tonight! I’m pumped for this!

The start of INSANITY!

I started INSANITY two days ago. The first day of Insanity, you just do what is called a “Fit Test”. It consists of 8 exercises and you do each exercise for one minute and you see how many of each exercise you can do in that minute. You repeat the test every two weeks and record your score to see how you are improving.

Right from the beginning of the Fit Test, I knew I was going to love Insanity. The warm up was crazy! It was high intensity cardio, and it put a smile on my face. I loved how motivating Shaun T. is without being annoying or mean. We did the warm up circuit 3 times, and each time you were supposed to push it a little harder and do the exercises a little faster. I do not think I have ever done jumping jacks so fast in my entire life. I burned 178 calories JUST on the warm up alone. To be fair, the warm up and stretching was over 10 minutes long.

I find myself already comparing it to Body Revolution. I really like the amount of time Shaun T. lets you warm up and cool down. He really takes time and gets you nice and warm. Then at the cool down stretching I feel like my muscles have had adequate stretching out. Jillian spent like a minute or so on cool down stretches. I also love that Shaun T. encourages taking a break during the workout if you need it. Jillian is always yelling at you “DON’T STOPPPPPP!” which I understand, but it’s nice for someone to tell you, “hey, you do what you can do. Push yourself but stay safe and don’t overdo it.” So I like Shaun T. for that. I also like that he gives you breaks to take water. I always drank water while doing Body Revolution but I had to suck it down quickly before Jillian moved on.

So the Fit Test… I was impressed with my numbers because I actually beat my husband on some of the exercises (compared to his first time taking the fit test). He beat me on a few too though. Here are my results:

Switch Kicks- 63
Power Jacks- 41
Power Knees- 71
Power Jumps 31
Globe Jumps- 8
Suicide Jumps- 11
Push-Up Jacks- 21
Low Plank Oblique- 52

Those Globe Jumps were killer. I could handle the rest of them but the Globe Jumps wore me out!

And last night was my first official Insanity workout. Plyometric Cardio Circuit. I LOVED IT! Oh man did I love it. It was such high intensity. I just loved how fast everything was. And really the warm up and the cool down are seriously HALF of the workout. The actual workout FLEW by.

I can say with confidence I will get results from this program. Today I am a little sore, but as always, it is a good sore. My official weight for starting Insanity is 175. My after pictures and measurements from Body Revolution are now officially my BEFORE stats for Insanity. By they way. I lost 24 inches with Jillian Michaels Body Revolution. Pretty awesome. After I do Insanity once I am definitely going back for another round of Body Revolution.

On another note, the other night I ran a 5k. Not in a race or anything. Just on my own. I was super impressed with myself. The farthest I have ever gone before that was just a little over 2 miles. So 3.1 miles is a big accomplishment for me. Yay! Okay. That is all. Hope you are all doing well on your own personal fitness journeys!

DONE with Jillian Michaels Body Revolution!

I did it! I finished Jillian Michaels Body Revolution! I cannot believe I am done. Whew. I never actually thought I would do it. Usually I quit things before I finish them. So this is pretty big for me. Huge! Okay. So my official weight loss during the program was 23 pounds. I will have to measure myself tomorrow to get my inches. But I took my after picture. Compared to my before picture, it’s a big difference. At least I think it’s a big difference. It is so embarrassing to post this before picture, but I am going to just to show that Jillian Michaels Body Revolution DOES WORK!


So. Those are the results. Ugh. Those before pictures are so so awful. I am never going back there again. The after pictures look so much better, but I still have a long way to go. A long way. But I just proved to myself that I can do it. Next up is Insanity. I start tomorrow. I will be blogging through my Insanity journey as well. See you tomorrow!

See what I’m doing nowadays!

Halfway through my last week of Body Revolution.

That’s right. I have just three more days left of Jillian Michaels Body Revolution. 3 days. That’s it. I’m so excited. But I feel so sad. I feel like I should keep going. But I will move on to Insanity on Monday and once I complete that I think I will do another round of Body Revolution. I want to mix it up for my body a little bit. Three more days! Eek!

Weigh in day

Well today was my weigh in. My last official weigh in was 2 weeks ago at 177. Today I was 172! Yes! That means so far I have had a 23 pound loss from Body Revolution. Let’s see if this last week can make it a 25 pound loss.

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Week 12- DONE!

Yes. I am OFFICIALLY done with Week 12 of Body Revolution. Do you guys know what that means? ONE WEEK LEFT! Can you even believe it? I can’t. ONE WEEK. I have never in my life stuck with something like this. I always give up. I usually just get bored and unmotivated. This goes with most anything in my life, projects, goals, everything. I get sidetracked. And I got sidetracked doing Body Revolution as well. If you have read through my blog you will see that I had to repeat a week here and there and I restarted Phase 3 like 4 times. BUT I kept going. And here I am one week from completion. That alone feels awesome.

Tomorrow is my weigh in and I’m super excited about it. My last “official” weigh in was 2 weeks ago at 177. If you remember, last week I really overate at a wedding and on my weigh in day I was up to 180. So tomorrow I’m expecting a good loss. Keep your fingers crossed for me!