Restarting Week 9 of Body Revolution

Well my neck has been awful all weekend but finally tonight it is feeling better! I am going to restart Body Revolution Week 9 tomorrow (Monday)! I’m looking forward to it!


Yes. I finally have an injury that prevents me from working out. I’m so upset. I don’t even know how it happened. I was just in my car and my neck started hurting. It hurt more as time went on and now I cannot move! I feel so pathetic and useless. All I want to do is my workouts and I haven’t been able to. Ibuprofen is helping a little but nowhere near enough for me to attempt a workout. I know I need to just take it easy and rest my neck, so that’s what I’m doing. Hopefully I will be back in no time.

Body Revolution Day 57 of 90

I got off track with the blogging so my days were messed up so I’m just resuming my blog numbers where is should be, day 57 of 90. Okay, so today, WORKOUT 9! It was so awesome. I was almost shaking with fear before I started, but IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!! It is my favorite workout so far! I was impressed that I didn’t have to modify any of the moves. I loved the push up jacks the best I think. The moves are harder but really guys there is no need to be scared. It is FUN!

Yay! Tomorrow workout 10!

Starting Phase 3 tonight!

After 3 weeks on workouts 7 and 8, I am moving on to phase 3 tonight. I am so nervous! But I am ready! I am motivated and ready to finish this and see the results. I have not been good about blogging these past few weeks but we have had some issues at home. I am back and ready to be as dedicated to blogging as I was in the beginning!

Body Revolution Days 49 and 50 of 90

Workouts 7 and 8 again the past two days. Blogging had to take a bck seat to my, yet again, sick baby. 🙁 She seems better now so let’s all cross our fingers she stays that way. At least I got my workouts in, which was a challenge, but I was so proud. Workout 8 is so good. I really feel my muscles the next day and I love it. Monday night was date night and we saw Titanic and went to Buffalo Wild Wings. I had a grilled chicken salad, for about 500 calories. I was impressed I resisted the wings with the yummy sauce, but I got asian salad dressing and it totally hit the spot and was so filling!

Tonight I will be doing Cardio 2 again. I love that I still have 5.5 weeks left of Body Revolution and really love my results so far. It makes me wonder what else my body can accomplish in that time. What will it look like when I’m done? I can really feel my calf muscles bulging now. I love it. I lost another pound today! Yay! I feel awesome. I’m getting so much stronger. We can DO THIS!

Working out on vacation didnt work out.

I tried. Really I did. I did body revolution three times on my vacation and couch to 5k once. The other days we really were on the go and busy up until very late.

My daughter got very sick when we were traveling in Maine. She gets croup a lot and she got it again… it was so bad and wasn’t getting better during the day. So we took her to a dr in vermont and got a nebulizer and medication to give her breathing treatments. We have all that at home but I didn’t think to bring it on the trip. I will from now on though. So I have been giving her treatments every few hours and she has been up in the middle of the night. I’m exhausted. I need a vacation. Ha!

So I have decided to just to repeat week 8 starting on Monday, but I will workout tomorrow (Sunday). I have also been eating as good as possible but I still have gone over a few times.

We stayed at the Von Trapp Family Lodge in Vermont! And we also toured the Ben and Jerry’s factory… so we ate some ice cream. I got frozen greek yogurt with peanut butter and banana. It was delicious.

Now we are driving home to virginia. We are currently in New York so we still have like 9 hours of driving and more stops because we have little kids to feed and change. I’m so ready to be home and to eat real food again. I am so sick of fast food and even restaurant food. I tried McDonalds oatmeal today though for breakfast and it was good. Not fabulous like my oatmeal I make at home but decent and so much better than hash browns and hotcakes.

So I will resume my blog this week and just pick up on the days I missed. I am so afraid to see how much weight I gained on this trip. What will the damage be I wonder? I tried to do my best. I will just have to accept whatever the scale says and start fresh and get back in the swing of things tomorrow.

Body Revolution Day 47 of 90

So I am in Connecticut at my sister’s house. It is Monday. Saturday we traveled all day and I fully intended on working out but we didn’t get here until so very late then my kids didn’t go to sleep and so I just didn’t get to workout. Then yesterday was Easter Sunday and we took the train into New York City. It was so much fun! We had lunch in Central Park and walked everywhere. I wore both of my kids, so an extra 45ish pounds I carried around wit me. I wore my heart rate monitor and the 7.5 hours of walking we did burned me 2311 calories. Holy smokes. Anyway, by the time we took the train back to connecticut and drove home to my sisters house it was 11 p.m. and my kids didn’t fall asleep until 1:00 and plus I was exhausted! So I didn’t get a body revolution workout done then either.

I pretty much feel like a failure but have no fear, because today I went with my sister to a track and did my couch to 5k and later I did my body revolution workout. All I need to do to get back on track is do my workout every day this week and then do a double on Sunday. The only really tricky day will be Saturday because we will be driving home. I will just have to make it work.

So that’s what has been going on with me. Tomorrow we are driving to Maine for 2 days, then to Vermont for one night. I’m very excited!

Body Revolution Days 45 and 46 of 90

Yesterday was my rest day and today I did workout 7! It was a little easier than last time and I burned more calories!

Tomorrow starts my vacation. We will be driving to connecticut. I packed my body revolution, the cable, and my weights. I am going to try to do it every day like I should. Guys keep your fingers crossed and keep me motivated. I don’t want to get off track! I can do it. I will try to blog every day still and post pictures of my travels.

Body Revolution Day 44 of 90

Another day of Cardio 2. I did a great job today! Its definitely easy to do now. I wonder what cardio 3 is like? 

Those burpees are getting easy to do and boy do they feel good. I’m able to do the punches harder and faster than before. I’m really improving and I’m proud of that.
I did not drink enough water today and I can feel it. It was a very stressful day and I was so busy and on days like that is very hard for me to get enough water. I drank about 8 cups but I definitely need more than that. My body feels best when I drink about a gallon a day. I love water. I used to hate it though!

So my goals for tomorrow… Drink a gallon of water, try not to get stressed, do my body revolution workout, and go for a run. I can do it!