Body Revolution Day 39 of 90

Today was the last time I will have to do workout 5 for Body Revolution (this round anyway)! It was great! Workout 5 is an awesome workout for your arms. My arms always feel like jelly afterwards!

Next week I am going out of town. I’m going to NYC and Maine, Vermont, and Connecticut. Its going to be a fun trip. I am going to bring Body Revolution with me and I poan on doing it every day. But we are going to be doing a lot of driving and walking so I really hope I have time. I will make time. But I will also be without my husband, and I will have both kids so its going to be tricky. If I miss a day or two I might just repeat the week but I really don’t want to.

Do you ever go to sleep just excited because you know when you wake up you get breakfast? That’s how I feel right now. I’m so looking forward to my oatmeal. I. Love. Oatmeal. I seriously eat it every day. It never gets old to me.

Okay, until tomorrow!

Body Revolution Day 38 of 90

Cardio 2 today. Man today was an exhausting day. It wore me out so badly and I was tired so I fell asleep with my baby while my husband did his workout tonight. When he was done he tried to wake me but I told him I just wanted to rest for a bit. That’s how I get when I fall asleep. I just don’t want to get up. So he kept trying to wake me and I kept making excuses. Finally he got me to wake up and I started my workout. I am so glad he pushed me. I worked harder at cardio 2 than ever before and I felt so strong. It felt wonderful.

Some days I am super motivated to exercise. Other days I am exhausted. But here is the thing… once I actually START the workout, I feel energized and want to do MORE! I just have to remind myself some days that I will feel great once I start. And the feeling AFTER you work out? Best feeling EVER!

Body Revolution is just so much fun. Truly. I am so glad I found it. Ordinarily I would have given up with a program like this. But I think it is the fact that you only do each workout 4 times that makes it doable. You just don’t get bored!

I got a new carrier in the mail today for my son. Its called a Kinderpack and it has dinosaurs all over it. It is so great. Its just for him. Its a bigger size and will hold him until he is around 4 years old, and yes I plan on carrying him that long. Let me tell you, his weight is distributed so perfectly, I almost can’t even feel him back there. Love it! And he is thrilled with the dinosaurs! Check it out!

Body Revolution Day 37 of 90

Today I did Workout 6. I really love this workout. Well I don’t so much enjoy the exercise where you are in the plank position with the weights in your hands and then you raise the weights. It hurts my hands when they are both on the ground with the weights. Any tips on that? But I love, absolutely LOVE, the last circuit. There is so much ab work and it feels so good. It burns so much but I just smile the whole time. I could do ab work all day.

I went shopping today for a few new clothes. Every single thing I tried on fit me. Even some large items were too large and I had to go down to a medium. I got size large exercise pants when normally I would be extra large. I was so impressed. Even a pair of size 14 pants fit me, but I think it was just that that particular brand was a little large for a size 14. Either way it made me feel nice. I am nowhere near where I want to be, but I wasn’t disgusted with what I saw in the mirror today.

I really pushed it today during Body Revolution. I gave it my all. I was nice and glistening with sweat when the workout was over. Tomorrow will be cardio 2 again. I’m looking forward to it. Here is me and my baby girl today.

Body Revolution Days 35 and 36 of 90

Yesterday I used as my rest day for the week. I had a bad headache and my kids were super clingy and crying. They did not want to go to sleep.

So today was workout 5 of Body Revolution again. I burned 279 calories. I don’t think I pushed it as hard as I should have. I KNOW I didn’t. Always be honest with yourself. I totally quit some of the cardio intervals way ahead of Jillian and didn’t really push the strength moves like I could have. I will push hard tomorrow.

My husband works a lot. Like a lot a lot. And goes to school at night. So many days I am alone with the kids all day and night. Its hard. I know many women are without help all the time and goodness, I don’t know how they do it. Having a toddler and a baby is so hard. Anyway, my point is that if he works all day and comes home late, its very hard for me to find time (and energy) to workout.

My daughter (9 months) basically cosleeps with me. At first she starts off in the crib but wakes about 2 hours, sometimes sooner, after she falls asleep. Then I move her to bed with me. She nurses to sleep and nurses throughout the night. Its tiring and stressful and sweet and rewarding all at the same time. We practice attachment parenting so I feel like at this stage in her life, she needs the extra cuddles and nursing at night. So its not always easy for me to exercise after she goes to sleep at night because usually she wakes up and I have to stop. That’s why so often I workout late when my husband is home to hold her when she wakes.

Even though yesterday was a rest day, I still went on a long walk with a friend and my heart rate monitor said I burned 765 calories. So yesterday was not completely wasted. And my little girl rode in the stroller for the first time. Usually I wear her in a wrap or the Ergo.

Calories Burned During Jillian Michaels Body Revolution

So this post I will edit all the time to include the calories that I have burned with each exercise in Jillian Michaels Body Revolution. I use a Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor. I highly recommend it! I have tried several other heart rate monitors and they always messed up, but I have had only positive things to say about the Polar FT4. It’s affordable and CUTE!
But please understand each person will burn a different amount depending on their own stats and how hard they workout. But I keep seeing people ask how many calories are burned during Body Revolution, so this is what I burned! For reference, I am 5’3″ 187 pounds now, started Body Revolution at 195.
I will break it down by phase, then by week, then under the weeks I will list the six workout days and the calories burned in each. The first week added extra cardio each day.

Phase 1
Week 1 (kickstart week with extra cardio each day)
Workout 1: 300    Cardio 1: 322
Workout 2: 319    Cardio 1: 312
Cardio1: 304         Cardio 1: 305
Workout 1: 300    Cardio 1: 350
Workout 2: 337    Cardio 1: 300
Cardio 1: 317        Cardio 1: 290
Week 2
Workout 1: 278
Workout 2: 301
Cardio 1: 270
Workout 1: 268
Workout 2: 252
Cardio 1: 272
Week 3
Workout 3: 331
Workout 4: 304
Cardio 1: 256
Workout 3: 265
Workout 4: 285
Cardio 1: 302
Week 4
Workout 3: 386
Workout 4: 267
Cardio 1: 267
Workout 3: 341
Workout 4: 279
Cardio 1: 220
Phase 2
Week 5
Workout 5: 347
Workout 6: 294
Cardio 2: 314
Workout 5: 323
Workout 6: 266
Cardio 2: 355
Week 6
Workout 5: 279
Workout 6: 269
Cardio 2: 322
Workout 5: 309
Workout 6: 293
Cardio 2: 330
Week 7
Workout 7: 261
Workout 8: 257
Cardio 2: 292
Workout 7: 306
Workout 8: 251
Cardio 2: 287
Week 8
Workout 7: 260
Workout 8: 257
Cardio 2: 298
Workout 7: 259
Workout 8: 252
Cardio 2: 300
Phase 3
Week 9
Workout 9: 330
Workout 10: 341
Cardio 3: 357
Workout 9: 306
Workout 10: 310
Cardio 3: 345
Week 10
Workout 9: 310
Workout 10: 290
Cardio 3: 323
Workout 9: 299
Workout 10: 315
Cardio 3: 312
Week 11
Workout 11: 338
Workout 12: 309
Cardio 3: 299
Workout 11: 340
Workout 12: 312
Cardio 3: 311
Week 12
Workout 11: 323
Workout 12: 317
Cardio 3: 314
Workout 11: 310
Workout 12: 319
Cardio 3: 315
Week 13
Workout 11: 303
Workout 12: 311
Cardio 3: 307
Workout 11: 315
Workout 12: 306
Cardio 3: 309
Average calories burned during Workout 1 of Body Revolution: 286.5
Average calories burned during Workout 2 of Body Revolution: 302.25
Average calories burned during Workout 3 of Body Revolution: 330.75
Average calories burned during Workout 4 of Body Revolution:  283.75
Average calories burned during Workout 5 of Body Revolution:  314.5
Average calories burned during Workout 6 of Body Revolution:  280.5
Average calories burned during Workout 7 of Body Revolution:  271.5
Average calories burned during Workout 8 of Body Revolution: 254.25
Average calories burned during Workout 9 of Body Revolution: 311.25
Average calories burned during Workout 10 of Body Revolution: 314
Average calories burned during Workout 11 of Body Revolution: 321.5
Average calories burned during Workout 12 of Body Revolution: 312.33
Average calories burned during Cardio 1 of Body Revolution: 291.92
Average calories burned during Cardio 2 of Body Revolution: 312.25
Average calories burned during Cardio 3 of Body Revolution: 319.2

Check out what I’m doing now!

Losing Weight after Having a Baby with Body Revolution.

I have officially lost all of my weight from both of my pregnancies with Body Revolution! I was 187 today and I haven’t been that low since before I got pregnant with my son 3.5 years ago. I’m so excited to be at such a low (for me) weight. It feels so amazing! My husband is down 13 pounds now since starting Body Revolution. These are some crazy, amazing results!

Not only is the scale moving but I feel so much more muscle in my body. I feel stronger and leaner. I am more flexible and my balance has improved.

Have I mentioned before that I have PCOS and hypothyroidism? Yep. Both of those things make it very difficult for me to lose weight. I was in a weight loss slump but body revolution has totally cured that. It IS POSSIBLE to lose weight with Body Revolution if you have PCOS and hypothyroidism. Don’t let that stop you from buying the program.

My pants are just falling off of me and I really need to buy new ones. But I would hate to spend money on new ones only to drop another size soon. I am currently in a size 15 jean, but I’m still wearing my old 17s. I would looooove to get into a size 8 again. That’s my big goal. Size 8 jeans. I was the happiest with my weight when I was wearing size 8! That’s a lot of sizes to lose but I can do it! I wonder what size I will be in when I’m done with Jillian Michaels Body Revolution? So excited!

Body Revolution Day 34 of 90

Cardio 2 tonight for Body Revolution! I burned 355 calories in the 34 minutes. Wow. Just wow. I say that because I really did push it in a lot of the workout but I had to slow down on a lot of the moves too, especially the burpees. I can’t believe I burned so many calories, but I am not complaining!

The cast of Body Revolution are so funny! Mimi is especially entertaining. Jillian makes the boys come up front for the fast feet exercise and makes them “shake their butt” and it is hi-larious! It makes me laugh every time. And she makes David come up front to demonstrate the burpees on the last set and holy cow! That guy can JUMP!

So I have now completed the first week of phase 2. One more week of these exercises, then I move on to workouts 7 and 8. It feels like as soon as you start one thing, BAM! Its done and time to move on to the next workout. It keeps things fresh and there is no way you can get bored! I did get a little tired of cardio 1 since we did it every day for a week during the kickstart.

So, time for a little unrelated talk. This morning we got some family pictures/Easter pictures done and that was fun! Then after that my husband and I went to go see Wicked at Chrysler Hall. I’m a big big fan of musicals and Wicked just so happens to be my favorite. I saw it 3 years ago, but you can never go see it too many times. After the play, I got to meet the guy who played “Boq” and that was so cool! He even took a picture with me. Yay! So here is a picture of the stage before the show started… shhhh we weren’t supposed to be taking pictures but I of course put my phone away when the show started. And then a picture of me and the guy who played Boq.

Body Revolution Day 33 of 90

Today was workout 6. This workout really makes my arms feel like jelly. I love it! I’m not a fan of those supermans with weights. I can only do a few before I have to drop the weights. I keep trying though. There are a lot of balance moves in this workout and they are so difficult for me. I feel like I’m falling all over the place. The important thing is that I keep trying.

On a side note, I completed week 5 day 3 of the couch to 5k program! That means 20 minutes of just straight running! I’m so proud of myself!

We had a rainy day today which means we got to jump in puddles!

Body Revolution Days 31 and 32 of 90

I used yesterday as my rest day because I was not feeling well. So Sunday will not be a rest day. Today I did workout 5 again and it was great but wow, what a workout for your arms! The third circuit just made my arms feel like silly putty. I also ran week 5 day 2 of couch to 5k. I really love exercise!

Tomorrow- workout 6. Only one more week of workouts 5 and 6. The scale hasn’t moved lately. In fact its gone up a bit but I’m not worried. I think I need to drink more water.


Body Revolution Day 30 of 90

I don’t feel good today. My tummy aches, and I really hope I’m not getting a stomach bug or something. That’s what it feels like. Sigh. Oh well, I did my workout anyway. I’m not gonna lie though, I did not give it my all. I feel slightly guilty about that but I also feel like it’s not the end of the world. I was dripping with sweat by the end. Absolutely drenched. So I know I still got a good workout and next time I will really step it up

Cardio 2 is no joke. It wasn’t hard. Nope. Not hard. Just fast paced and fun. I burned 314 calories in Cardio 2. Each exercise is done for only 30 seconds which made everything feel a lot more doable and less boring. I liked it so much more than Cardio 1. So much more!

Some exercises I had seen before, but one called a cross jack I have never done! It was fun. Like a jumping jack but you cross your hands and feet in front of your body. Jillian makes us do burpees at the end. I’m not a big fan of burpees because I just can’t get my form right. I will keep trying.

Back to workout 5 tomorrow and I’m excited!