Body Revolution Day 8 of 90

Wow, today was awesome, workout-wise. I did workout 2 and loved every minute of it. I love that dvd the best so far. I love to feel the burn on the back of my legs. Love it! My new Polar heart rate monitor told me I burned 301 calories. Then I did 25 minutes of walking on my treadmill.

My kids are still sick today. I got puked on quite a few times. But still, I don’t think I’m getting sick yet. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Body Revolution Day 7 of 90

Today was workout 1 again. I used 5 pound weights today instead of my usual 3 pound weights. I definitely felt the burn more today. My new heart rate monitor came today- a Polar FT4. It is awesome! I would highly recommend it. It said I burned 278 calories.

Both of my kids are throwing up today and I am starting to feel nauseous myself. My littlest one is awake and fussy so this will be a short entry. I hope I don’t get sick. I really don’t need anything to get in the way of my Body Revolution!

Body Revolution Day 6 of 90

I just realized that my Body Revolution will probably end up being 89 day instead of 90. Tomorrow should technically be my rest day, but it is Monday and I want to get my weeks on track with starting on Mondays. We started on Tuesday of last week. So, no day of rest this week, but definitely next week!

So today was 2 cardios. I did it! I got through everything and feel so strong and accomplished. I had to workout after midnight which sucks, but you gotta do what you gotta do. My toddler was still sick and my baby doesn’t sleep and my husband is working on his research paper. at least I got it done.
I’m looking forward to tomorrow because now that the kickstart is done, we only have to do one dvd a day. Whew. But I am getting on my treadmill every day now that the kickstart is done. Since me and my husband always give eachother an hour to workout, and Jillian’s workouts are only 30 minutes, I will use the rest of my time on the treadmill. I love that time. I just zone out and watch netflix on my phone. I love that “me” time away from the kids. A guaranteed hour every day.

I love my kids dearly, and love staying home with them. I am BLESSED to be able to stay home with them. But it is stressful and exhausting, so a little quiet time is great and they NEED that quality time with daddy just as much as he needs the kids. What a win-win situation for everyone!

I have been doing the couch to 5k program and stopped last week to start Jillian Michaels Body Revolution, but now I will resume that 3 days a week. I’m so excited. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

Body Revolution Day 5 of 90

Tonight was awesome. We went to the zoo today and walked around for 3 hours. It was so much fun, but our 2 year old threw up all the way home. I was so exhausted when we got home and while my husband was working out I fell asleep with our 8 month old. I was so cozy I didn’t want to get up for my turn to work out, but I did! And I pushed it hard for workout 2 and cardio. I gave it my all and even did ALL THE RUNNING MAN EXERCISES! Those are the ones that usually make me worn out and I have to stop. I can’t believe I did it! You just feel so proud of yourself when you push through the pain.

My husband is doing this too, as I said and as of this morning he has lost 5 pounds. That’s in 4 days. His face is so much skinnier. How is that even possible in just 4 days??? My face is smaller too. My legs are definitely changing. I just feel smaller but I need to find my measuring tape. I can’t wait to see how we do at the end of the kickstart! Jillian Michaels rocks!

Body Revolution Day 4 of 90

Today was back to workout 1 and cardio. It was easier than the first day. My muscles didn’t feel as sore today as they have been but right now they do feel pretty sore. I’m feeling stronger! I really feel like this program will work for me.

I have been using MyFitnessPal to log my food and I haven’t gone over my calories at all since starting Jillian Michaels Body Revolution. I’m not following her diet plan, although I may eventually. Since I’m breastfeeding I really need to eat a lot, and really, making milk for my baby is way more important right now than losing weight. She won’t be nursing forever but right now her nutrition is top priority. I can still eat healthy and try to lose weight. I really haven’t been able to get below 195 pounds and wonder if my body just doesn’t want me to lose. We will see when I weigh in on Monday. I’m *hoping* for a two pound loss on Monday. We shall see.

I’m anxious for the 7 Day Kickstart to be over though! Usually I get time each day to get on my treadmill and I enjoy that time so much. I get to relax and walk and watch Netflix on my phone. It is my “me time”. My husband and I usually give eachother an hour a day on the treadmill but now that we have started Body Revolution, we haven’t been on. The plan is to do 30 minutes of Body Revolution and then we still get 30 more minutes on the treadmill.

Can’t wait for tomorrow’s workout!

Body Revolution Day 3 of 90

Whew, I almost didn’t get to workout tonight. I had a busy day so I intended on working out after my kids went to sleep tonight. Well, my 8 month old daughter would not go to sleep! I think her teeth are bothering her. Anyway she was so exhausted and just crying and I couldn’t put her down. I finally nursed her to sleep around 11:20 p.m. (so late!). Part of me just wanted to go to sleep right then, but I promised myself no excuses. If I get off track I will slowly start making more excuses and validate it in my mind. So even though it was so late I did the cardio dvd twice. I don’t know or really care if it is good or bad to workout so late. I just know that I needed to get it done. I feel accomplished.

So I burned 609 calories in the 53 ish minutes it took to complete the cardio dvds twice. Body Revolution day 3 already has me feeling more fit. I swear my pants were falling off of me today. Not my jeans, my pajama pants that are usually a little snug. I had to keep pulling them up when I got up this morning. I feel trimmer. Is that possible already? Jillian Michaels really gets results. I’m so excited to see where I will be at the end of this revolution.

I can do almost all of the cardio without stopping but those running mans… nope. I have to modify those and just jump up and down like a fool when it gets too hard, then I get back into it. I just can’t do a whole minute of them. I hope by the end of it I will be able to.

Alright so tomorrow is workout 1 again along with cardio. I will be glad when I’m done with the 7 day kickstart because even though I enjoy cardio, I feel like I will get bored with the cardio dvd if I had to do it every day like I am now.

Okay, I will write more tomorrow!

Body Revolution Day 2 of 90

Day 2 of Jillian Michaels- DONE! I did Phase 1 workout 2 and cardio. 62 minutes and 632 calories burned. Workout 1 yesterday concentrated on working out the muscles in the front of my body. Workout 2 works the back of the body. Tomorrow is a double dose of cardio.

I’m not gonna lie, the cardio was exhausting today. I had to modify it a bit because my body was sore from yesterday. In a few more days I shouldn’t be so sore and then I can really step it up. I’m so excited about this program. I really feel like it will work for me. I don’t feel like I will get tired of the exercises.

I really need to get my measuring tape out and get my measurements, I’m just so busy. I really will try tomorrow!

Okay, so the thought of cardio TWICE tomorrow kinda bums me out but I can do it and I will be stronger for it. I will update tomorrow.

Body Revolution Day 1 of 90

Hello there, folks. I did it! I completed Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Phase 1 Week 1 Workout 1 and Cardio! Yes! The first week (out of the 13) Jillian wants us to “kickstart” our metabolism by eating crazy healthy and doing 1 workout dvd and 1 cardio dvd each day. So today I did workout 1 and the cardio dvd for Phase 1.

I know I was supposed to start yesterday (Monday) but my little girl had gone to the hospital the night before and was sick all day. So yes, I made an excuse and I promised myself no excuses. But now that I HAVE started, no MORE excuses! It’s ON now!

Okay, so really my mind is blown. I have done Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and her Killer Buns and Thighs (although I quit that, never finished) and this program just feels so different. It’s pumped up the whole time. Everyone in the video doing the workouts is happy and you just feel like you’re all in it together. There are about a dozen people in the video doing the workout with you, so there are a lot of laughs and lots of personalities shine through. It made me laugh a lot and I was smiling throughout my whole workout.

I used my heart rate monitor and I burned 764 calories for the two workouts. But I did 15 extra minutes of the workout 1 because I had to restart it for my husband to join me. So I did 72 minutes total. 764 calories. That’s awesome! I’m so pumped about this program.

The exercises in workout 1 were great. They pushed me but were nothing too hard. As with all her videos, there are modifications you can do to make it easier or harder. I did the easier ones.

The cardio was just pumped up and fun the whole time. It was really great for Phase 1. Not too hard, but definitely pushed me.

I didn’t get my measurements today, I will try to remember tomorrow, but I did weigh myself. 195.8 pounds. Ugh. So. Embarrassing. And I am 5’3″ if that gives you an idea of how terrible my weight is. But that will change. I want to be in shape this summer so I can go swimming with my kids without being embarrassed. Come on guys, comment on this and keep me motivated. I’m hoping that by blogging my way through the Body Revolution, I can keep MYSELF motivated. My husband is on board as well so hopefully I won’t fail. I won’t. I just won’t.

Now. On to Day 2 of 90! Bring it on!

It came!

My Body Revolution arrived today! I am so excited! I read over a bit of the info tonight but will really read it through all the way tomorrow (today? It is after midnight here, so technically today). I am planning on starting Monday. It looks so awesome. I can’t wait to start the revolution. I am ready for Jillian Michaels to kick my butt into shape.

Join me on my Jillian Michaels Body Revolution journey!

Hello! Thanks for visiting this blog. I first read about Jillian Michaels Body Revolution on MyFitnessPal. Many people were comparing it to P90X, which I have always wanted to try, but didn’t want to pay that much money, and I didn’t like the length of the workouts. Body Revolution is supposed to be 90 days of 30 minute workouts. That, I can do.

I’m a stay at home mom to 2 little kiddos, ages 2 and 8 months. So I’m very busy. After I got married I was at a very happy weight of 135, but then I was on all different medications and had trouble with my thyroid and gained a lot of weight. After I had my kids I lost a lot of weight but never could get lower than 192. Right now I’m sitting at 195 ish, and it fluctuates. I just can’t seem to get over this little hump. My dream weight would be to get back down to 135. 60 pounds to go. I don’t realistically think that Body Revolution will make me lose 60 pounds. I am hoping to lose 25 pounds during the program. I’m excited to see how this will go.

Now, I am notorious for starting things and never finishing them. I don’t want it to be the case with this. I have to succeed. I cannot stand the thought of not being in shape. I want to take my kids outside to the pool or to the beach without feeling ashamed. I would love to run with them on the sand and chase them outside without feeling my fat flubbering around. So I’m starting Body Revolution to change my life.

I will blog throughout the program giving you my stats and thoughts on the workouts. I don’t have the dvds yet, they should actually arrive tomorrow. I’m so excited to begin. Once the program gets here, I will look it over and then I will make another post giving you all my (embarrassing) stats of my measurements and weight (eeek). I will probably start Body Revolution on Monday. My husband will be doing it with me too.

30 minutes a day. I can do it. Come on guys, leave me some encouragement here, and follow me. If you are looking to buy Jillian Michaels Body Revolution, this is the blog to read. I will post some before pictures as well (so embarrassing).